December 5, 2022

Facebook has come under a lot of fire as of late for
contributing to the spread of misinformation along with a wide range of privacy
violations that it has committed against its user base. In spite of the fact
that this is the case, Facebook continues to enjoy a very high level of
popularity amongst all of its users. A new report by Borrell Associates sheds
some light, and it reveals that Facebook is still highly desirable as well as

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it
is important to note that 83% of the respondents to this survey said that they used
Facebook. That is much higher than any other platform included in the survey, and
another thing to note here is that 41% of its users reported that they find the
platform extremely effective with all things having been considered and taken
into account. No other platform came anywhere close to these numbers, although
Instagram and YouTube performed fairly similarly.

50% of users said that they use Instagram, and 24% of them
said that they found the platform to be very effective. YouTube saw much lower
numbers with only 28% of users stating that they used the platform regularly,
but its effectiveness numbers were still solid at 22% of total users.

Other Meta properties like Messenger and WhatsApp were also
ranked as highly useful and effective by users, although reported usage rates
were surprisingly low. Only 15% of respondents reported that they used
Messenger, and just 2% reported using WhatsApp. These are shockingly low numbers, and they suggest that this data might not be as accurate as one might assume. 25% of Messenger users and 38% of WhatsApp users stated that the platforms were very effective to them.

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Meanwhile, TikTok gave a rather poor showing with only 8% of users saying they used it and only 15% of them saying they felt it was very effective. This data only represents a small subset of the wider market, and more research needs to be done before any conclusions can be drawn.

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